Live Swivel Adapters

Motion offers an assortment of live swivel adapters to meet your hose and fittings requirements. Choose from live swivels and accessories. Repair and seal kits.

Looking for high quality live swivel adapters to help protect hoses and tubes from the damage of twists, turns, and torsional forces? No matter what kind of live swivel fittings you need, you can find it at Motion.

What are Live Swivel Adapters?

A live swivel adapter is a type of hose or tubing adapter. It connects to the end of a piece of hose or tubing and is designed to protect the hose against twists and turns. There are various kinds of live swivel fittings out there, and they can vary in terms of thread size, being suitable for all sorts of hoses. When shopping for a hydraulic live swivel or other kinds of live swivel fittings, it’s important to ensure you pick the right size and product for the task at hand.

What are Live Swivel Adapters Used for?

Hoses and tubes can be subjected to a lot of twists and turns, especially when attached to heavy-duty appliances or machinery. When this happens, parts and pieces of hose or tubing can be twisted and turned around, which can lead to unnecessary damages. Live swivel adapters and live swivel fittings help to protect components like hoses and tubes against those kinds of damages. These adapters are able to cope with twisting and turning torsional forces, absorbing those energies and preventing them from being transmitted to the hose or tube itself.

The Best Live Swivel Adapters

If you want to get the best results and most long-lasting protection for your hoses and tubes with live swivel fittings, it’s important to invest in the finest products. Motion is the place to be for top quality, heavy-duty hydraulic line swivels.

Buy Live Swivel Adapters Online

Motion aims to be your number 1 destination for hose fittings like live swivel adapters. Not only do we have a huge range of products from leading brands, but we also aim to offer the most competitive prices and best levels of service for all our customers. Check out the full range and place your order today.

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