Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps

Motion carries a wide selection of hose, tube, and pipe clamps to meet your hose and fittings requirements. Choose from band clamps and buckles; bolt, rail, and weld mounted clamps; hydraulic clamp halves, plus mounting and cover plates; rubber insert style, single, and twin clamp halves; sanitary clamps; and tri-clamp sanitary seals.

Searching for high quality hose clamps, pipe clamps, or tube clamps? Whether you need a strong tube clamp in a certain size or a high quality hose clamp for your next project, you can find all the clamps and brackets you require here at Motion.

What are Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps?

A hose clamp, tube clamp, or pipe clamp may vary in terms of its size, shape, or the materials used to make it, but they all follow the same basic design and usage: these items are used to attach and seal a hose, tube, or pipe onto a fitting in order to prevent any air or fluid from getting out. They clamp the hose or tube into position on the fitting, providing strength and solidity. There are lots of different types of hose, tube, and pipe clamps, and they can be made of different materials, too, such as stainless steel and zinc.

What are Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps Used for?

The main purpose of any hose clamp, tube clamp, or pipe clamp is to clamp onto a piece of hose, tubing, or pipe at the point where it attaches to a fitting of some kind. The clamp helps to hold the structure together while also forming a strong seal to prevent any gases or fluids getting out. This can be very important in a wide range of industries and situations, such as in plumbing fixtures and fittings to stop water bursting out or escaping at junctions or connecting sections of pipe.

The Best Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps

When it comes to any kind of hose, tube, or pipe accessory, like hose fittings or pipe couplings and clamps, it’s vital to invest in the best quality products to get the results you need. At Motion, you’ll find nothing but the finest hose, pipe, and tube clamps from leading brands.

Buy Hose, Tube & Pipe Clamps Online

Choose Motion today for your next order of hose, tube, or pipe clamps. Check out the full selection of affordable hose and tube clamp products and place your order with a company you can trust.

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