Flange Kits

Motion offers an assortment of flange kits for your hose and fittings needs. Choice of flange codes, plate sizes, body materials, adapter types, and more.

Looking for high quality flange kits from trusted, leading brands? If so, you're in the right place. Motion is your go-to source for flange kits at competitive prices, offering a range of products like flange repair kits, toilet flange kits, and flange insulation kits for all your projects and needs.

What Is a Flange Kit?

A flange kit is simply a set of components required for installing a flange, typically including the flange collar itself, a gasket, and the various items of connection hardware that are needed for the installation process. There are various kinds of flange kit, including a toilet flange kit or flange insulation kit. Each flange kit may vary in terms of the items it contains, which is why it's so important to ensure you know exactly which kind of flange kit you require and only buy the right product to meet your needs.

What Is a Flange Kit Used for?

A flange kit is used to install a flange. A flange is a protruded lip or rim that is typically attached to the end of a pipe, and there are many different purposes and uses of flange kits and flanges in general. A closet flange, for example, can be used to help mount a toilet to the floor and connect the closet bend to the drain pipe, while a blind flange is a flange kit that is used to cover or close over the end of a pipe. Flange kits can also be used to help connect pieces of piping to one another, as well as forming connections between pipes, valves, and other fittings.

The Best Flange Kits

No matter what kind of flange kit you need, whether it’s a toilet flange kit or a flange repair kit, you’ll find nothing but the best quality products for sale at Motion. Built to last and designed by the best brands in the business, these flange kits will provide the finest results.

Buy Flange Kits Online

Motion is your number 1 choice for high quality flange kits at fair, competitive prices. We have a wide range of flange kits ready to ship out to your location, so take a look through the full collection and place your flange kit order today.

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