Compression Fittings

Motion carries a vast assortment of compression fittings to meet your hose and fittings needs. Choose from compression crosses, elbows and straights, ferrules, nuts, plugs, and tees.

If you're looking for the best compression fittings, compression couplings, or related items and accessories, choose Motion. We stock and sell a huge range of fittings and couplings, including copper compression fittings and air compressor fittings in various sizes.

What are Compression Fittings?

A compression fitting is a type of fitting that is typically used for plumbing and electric systems. Like other fittings and couplings, a compression coupling is used to help joint tubes, pipes, and other parts together. For example, when two pipes need to be joined, a compression fitting may be used. These fittings often have ferrules within them and are famed for their ease of use and versatility, being suitable for use in a range of industries and applications.

What are Compression Fittings Used for?

The main purpose of compression fittings is to connect pieces of pipe or tubing together. They consist of an outer compression nut and an interior ring or ferrule. As the nut tightens, the ferrule becomes compressed between the nut itself and the receiving fitting, forming a strong, clamp-like connection that holds the compression coupling in place. This can be used in a range of situations and industries. Compression fittings are commonly used in plumbing, for example, to join two pieces of pipe together, as well as in hydraulic industrial applications.

The Best Compression Fittings

When buying any kind of fittings or connectors, it’s important to invest in good quality products that will give you the results you need. At Motion, you’ll find nothing but the best compression fittings from leading brands.

Buy Compression Fittings Online

Motion aims to be your number 1 choice for compression fittings and similar products. We have a huge range of products for sale, all at the fairest prices, with speedy delivery and super service for all. Check out the full range and place your order today.

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