Motion carries a vast inventory of adapters for your plumbing projects. Explore our collection of cross adapters, ferrules, sleeves, caps, nuts, instrumentation cross fitings, plugs, pneumatic tube fittings, and much more.

Searching for the very best adapters at the fairest prices? Whether you need caps, nuts, cross adapters, elbow adapters, straight adapters, ferrules, plugs, sleeves, or special adapters, you can find everything you need at Motion, the home of tools and industrial accessories.

What are Adapters?

An adapter is a component or device that is typically used for joining or connecting other components together, or changing the functionality of a component or appliance. Hose adapters, for example, can allow a hose to be used in different ways or connect to other things, like additional hoses, tanks, or appliances. Adapters come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and forms, from straight adapters to elbow adapters, which are formed at an elbow-like angle.

What are Adapters Used for?

Adapters have a huge range of potential uses, and since there are so many different kinds of adapters, each one has its own set of applications to take into account. Straight adapters, for example, are most commonly used for easy connections of multiple hoses or tubes together into one longer hose or tube.

Meanwhile, an elbow adapter or special adapter with a more unique shape may be needed to connect a hose or piping to a tank or appliance at a certain angle. The use of adapters can help people get more functionality out of items like hoses, tubes, and appliances.

The Best Adapters

When it comes to adapters, quality matters. A low quality adapter may be hard to connect or could fall away or wear down quickly with use, while good quality adapters can stand the test of time and provide the premium results you need. At Motion, you’ll only find the very best hose adapters from trusted brands like SMC.

Buy Adapters Online

Choose Motion for your next order of adapters. We have a huge range of high quality products ready to send out to your location, with low prices across the entire catalog. Check out the full range and buy today from a company you can trust.

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